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First, Thank you for taking the time to view my web site. Second, how it all started; that's me in the picture above. In 2000 when the riots hit SLC I found myself involved by actually stopping as much mayhem as I could in downtown SLC. I made a promise to the people that I came across that day I personally would find a better way to educate and bridge the gaps between hate, and love!

Since then I have made the world tour on every news and radio outlets, I have talked to hundreds of schools, companies and individuals in efforts to clear biases surrounding minorities.


I have also been working extremely hard to bring education to the public, with a self titled project "SLC THANG" working with professionals that I am networked with from all different areas of professions; Utah legislation, the judicial system, Police departments, civil and individual help groups in efforts to bring light to issues that marginalized people and others who fall victim to civil rights issues experience by living here in Utah.


Thank you again for visiting, check back often since I update my site regularly.


Love and bless'