The multidisciplinary nature is to focus on Civil Rights. And provide helpful and productive material to educate on a range of problems with racism. This has been a major strength and a personal social experiment that people are honestly seeking referenced information to help break down systemic issues. The single most reason I have become influential along my journey; through educating those that are willing to challenge discrimination and Racism.


Anti' Racism is a continual work in progress, my goal is to research and update this page with material that will become helpful to your future, with Allyship, and I personally want to thank you for self reflecting and doing the work. Let this be a safe space for you to do such work and allow you to reflect on your daily lives as we "all" work on ourselves to do better.

If you have found any lessons on this page, the rest of my site, podcast or blog including one of my social media outlets helpful, feel free to offer a donation, thank you in advance.


`Kenny Akers

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How to be an Ally

Hardware Tools

The Harvard Ally tool kit 

Fragile Box

TEST your White Fragility 

Delivery Men

Unpacking W/privilege