The Utah; Black men's breakfast club! 5/28/2022

Updated: May 31

Utah's Black Men's Breakfast Club gathering was a success this week; to the individuals that paid for our entire breakfast and a generous tip with a note; “It's nice to see men coming together” your kind gesture moved us all, and I hope you see this. Thank you from all of us!

I mean we were all left in shock, rarely in a given situation when we all get together like this that conversations from others come off awkward!

First, it seems like someone always needed to say something, I mean we are just normal men right? Why say silly stuff. People will generally ask; what basketball team are you with or there are a lot of athletes here.

Commonly we get a lot of stares from the White people in the restaurant and when one of us says hello they will look away. Mind you, breakfast Saturday mornings are usually filled with an older class that would have been around during segregation.

I think people don’t generally know what to say honestly. That's the innocent side of me speaking and giving them the benefit of the doubt but; we almost always get a lot of conversations that start up by people walking by saying I’ve never seen so many Black people in Salt Lake at one time, or wow; are you guys from out of town.

The best is when they come up to some of the congressional leaders, or the police officers at the table and ask them if they are rappers...

The people I sit down with are all professionals with incredible backgrounds and education and we usually bolt out laughing, because we all know how silly son folks are sometimes....

So for me, It's comedy, one time I'm going to record it to show you guys how funny it is...... But honestly, it's not!!

I'll lead with that. in the pool of ignorance, why do White people think we are all athletes, or rappers or..... Drug dealers, etc. The lingering stereotypes of the Black man seem to shine their brightest when we all get together as a group with the on view of White people.

The important topics while we are talking “Never” get a; excuse me gentleman I don't mean to interrupt. It's the “Privliaged” positioning of whiteness that thinks they can interrupt anyone of color while they are mid stroke in a conversation without being polite and excusing themselves before they speak to us... Common courtesies if I'm right... But the tough conversations usually extended into the exact reason why we are meeting like this once a month in good old Utah and the sea of whiteness.

Who wouldn't want free breakfast right? But seriously, the reason why paying for our breakfast was such a big deal to all of us is because for once out of all the silly comments made by people or long hard stares with nasty looks at times did; a genuine kind gesture! And actually came across as a whole hearted person without being awkward.

That's why this breakfast was special, the kindness was felt and it was nice that someone extended themselves in a way that felt genuine and didn't come off awkward. If they only knew that all the men at the table were all strong community leaders that will for sure pay it forward.

‘Ken Akers

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