Black people are the Blueprint!

I posted before about Gene mutation and how we have all come from a black woman, and the base of all humanity has been rooted Africa. here is proof!

Some of you didn’t really like the terminology of gene mutation or have any idea and I hope I can clear son of this up!

I know it's scary to you to think that Black people are the Blueprint to humanity and all biological research DNA and human studies point to we are all from the same tribe!

I think it’s really important in life to challenge what you’ve been told what you’ve been forced to believe and maybe you can look for yourself and find answers that’s entirely up to you.

I don’t bring this information to blow smoke up someone’s backside. The Closer that I bring some of you to realize where we are all from will simply eliminate your thoughts of hate and discord towards others that don’t look like you! you never know you could be related and wouldn’t even know it because you’re too busy looking at skin color!

Lucy and Maria are twins– Lucy has fair skin and straight red hair while her sister has ebony, curly hair and dark skin. The twin girls, both from Gloucester, U.K., were born to a Caucasian father (Vince) and a half-Jamaican mother (Donna)mutation !

DNA research has shown the earliest haplogroups come from Africa. I guess people who don't like the terminology of mutations also probably don't accept that we've evolved and that it's essentially the same thing.

"Homo sapiens only began migrating out of Africa 60,000-70,000 years ago moving into the Eurasian continent."

From a friend of mind that concluded my understanding of this stated; As a molecular biologist that specialized in different types of mutations for different reasons I complete concur with your statements. I’m not sure what else someone would state it as other than gene mutation. People have a negative association with the term mutation but mutation isn’t the product it’s the mechanism. The product can be beneficial or negative of course. Humans are entirely the product of mutations. Evolution doesn’t occur without mutations.

There is no other biological explanation, but; there is no White woman on earth that this has happened. And this isn't the only case of it happening.

Now you know!

‘Kenny Akers

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