Dear Good police officers

Dear good apples in Law enforcement,

We know you are out there, and to have any kind of heart to do this job we know the common problems that eventually make you calais and hardened by the inhuman way people treat each other in this world. You see some of the most vile humans on this planet and yet it pushes some of you to lose the battle.

We trust you to continue the fight and if you need help please get it, we need you good ones on the front line to deal with the internal problems and what’s on the streets....

I’m sorry you lost this battle, thank you for everything you have done and what you have exposed us to ::SALUTE:: 🇺🇸

I’ve been digging down this story the last couple of days. A Deputy who died by committing suicide left haunting videos on racist policing, staff and incidents occurring within his department; he said, in his videos online “he’s had enough!”

He has several social media videos of himself condemning institutionalized racism and describing his struggle as a Black law enforcement officer in a system that he says condones police brutality against Black people.

R.I.P Lafayette Parish Deputy Clyde Kerr III, 43

‘Kenny Akers

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