Texas school shooter hero

Why are we not hearing about Jacob Albarado, all over the news?

There is no argument that the Texas school shooting was disastrous. I want to shine light on a hero. This man is a Border Patrol agent and deserves the recognition.

His wife; a teacher and his daughter was in the school that day when all hell broke out. Jacob was out taking care of some personal business when he received a text message from his wife; “there’s an active shooter, I love you!”

Immediately he jumped up, and grabbed his gun and went right to the school. We seen all the reports now that the police where limited in what they could do and they needed a new plan of action to deal with the active shooter until SWAT showed up. Meanwhile the shooter was unfortunately taking lives at this time.

With no delay when he arrived he went right into the school , saved his wife, And his daughter. He didn’t stop when his own family was safe. This man was first in the line of fire, no hesitation he went back in and cleared every section of the school on his own, got to the room where the shooter was.

He kicked open the door and eradicated the shooter. This HERO is the one who had enough heart, skills and guts to stop the senseless killings of innocent victims.

This is an example of a hero! ::SALUTE::

“Legend has it the Uvalde Police department is still waiting on back up, to this day!”

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