The American Teacher

I wouldn't say I like this image of our teachers today. It would be a general statement of the entire school system in my opinion but I don't like it. Politicized to groom the younger generations.

I have a lot of teacher friends, and they tell me so much of the bull they go through just by being a teacher. I'm too hard-headed; I honestly don't think I could deal with students. My tolerance level I feel is pretty good, on a max two to three hours but.... All day? Every Day? And to keep the type of energy to keep a child's interest in class?

Society is messing up; if we run our teachers into the ground, they are the last link before our children get force-fed into a none forgiving society. We’ll see crime increase, social issues and comprehensive skills built by education fall through the basement.

I spent the night barking on Twitter about some of my concerns, I've done my fair share of talking to teachers in schools this year, and I have bones to pick with political officials that twist and manipulate everything our educators can and cannot do. Teachers; you guys are the real troops and it chaps my back side so bad that society demands so much of you and gives you so little.

Wouldn't it be nice, just to teach again? Listening to the kids brains absorb all the knowledge you've prepared for them in reflections of complete silence in the room. Watching their faces light up when they; “Get it!” and that spark in their eyes as they enter your classroom.....

I'm thinking that so much has been stripped away from the dignity of your job, title, and requirements, and you've become the bandaid to everyone's unsolved problems at home...

Teachers I know there is a lot of conversation around guns in the classes but; has anyone asked you how you feel about it? Are you scared, concerned or alarmed? I'm going to help you out a little bit here; with some military background talk. No one has mentioned your tactical training did they.

I mean, I'm not taking anything away from you or your abilities but let's be honest; just because you have a gun doesn't mean you're ready and able to use it in an active shooter situation and effectively complete a shoot don't shoot exercises scenario weekly just to keep up on your weapons proficiency, accuracy and knowledge.

Not to mention, like police officers. You're not exempt to having an accidental discharge; police officers also get complacent and freeze up in gun battles and kill innocent bystanders.... And I'm sorry that are politicians are expecting you to do much better than a police officer?

What really gets me fired up about all this gun talk in the classrooms? Is that the _________ political party is willing to pay for teachers to have guns but not basic classroom supplies that you have been screaming about for decades!

What happens on the day you are forced to use the weapon, Do teachers carry the emotional strength to shoot someone they used to teach or taught at one point? What about the aftermath, what programs are available to you if you need to become re assigned into a position based on PTSD?

Gun lobbiest right now are like; ‘yes, buy hundreds of thousands of guns for all schools’ with an ::EVIL LAUGH::

Just know you're being thought of, not just tonight, but always. I wished I had the power to snap back the days when teaching was fun, and I never thought in my lifetime that there would ever be conversations of teachers carrying guns.

A lot is going on in American society right now; I know there are so many like me out there thinking of you and that are thankful for everything you do.

We do..... Appreciate you, teachers!

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