Was all slavery the same?

As much as I hate talking about it, I can't express how important it is to point out and stop people that try to “Whitewash” real factual incidents by saying Africans had slaves only to justify Chattel slavery during the trans-Atlantic slave trade here in the U.S.

Here is the difference, so you can set them straight like I always do!

African slavery: Meant that an opposing tribe owed a debt. They where using their servitude to pay off such debts or they where part of a losing tribe and had a certain debt to pay to the winning tribe.

1. Slaves had rights

2. Slavery was temporary, meaning eventually they went back to their normal way of living.

3. Slavery was not hereditary, no one stayed in this form of debt owed long enough to be born into slavery.

Chattel Slavery: No rights, meaning not only was his/her servitude owned by the master, the slaves body belonged to him as well....

1. Slaves where hereditary, meaning children where born in the state of slavery

2. Slaves had no rights, zero rights!

3. Slaves where property and treated like cattle.

I could point out more differences but these are some of the main points, and in comparison where not the same!

‘Kenny Akers

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